Friday Morning Marketing

A small biz, local marketing workbook dedicated to those who went for their dream, and said "I'll figure out the rest later..." Get your local small business found online by more customers.

Ahoy! Local marketing for business owners

TGIF Marketing Plan: 1-Hour per Week Marketing

Let's keep it simple, you have bigger things to worry about... 1 hour per week, Friday mornings with coffee... get your local small business found by more customers.

Friday Morning Marketing Small Business Marketing

Grow your business with Friday Morning Marketing's local, small business online marketing workbook.

🎢 Along the ride with you for 3 Stages of Marketing Maturity

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Phase 1: Establish A Presence (Months 1 & 2)

Small business marketing starts with building a solid local business digital marketing presence online,        just 1-hour per week.

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Phase 2: Gain Momentum        (Months 3 & 4)

Getting eyes on your company that turn in to customers! Gain momentum for your small business with digital marketing.

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Phase 3: Optimize, Rinse & Repeat (Month 5 & 6)

Beef up your presence to attract more customers. Establish an easy rinse & repeat plan that you can accomplish during your 1-hour Friday Morning Marketing time!

Learn What You Need to Know

Small Business Digital Marketers

and none of what you don't.

We understand digital marketing for your small, local business isn't at the top of your fun list. We give you an easy-to-follow workbook that takes you week by week to achieve a solid online presence for your local, small business. Grab your coffee... let's get to work! ☕️

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We love helping local, small businesses get found. We mean it.

Here's what your journey will look like...



Identify who you are selling to and where you can find them. Define what sets you apart and how you can use that to sell your business.

Get your website established and optimized for online searches.

Understand key search terms that leads customers straight to your business.



What's a Google Business Profile, and why is it so important?

Setting up Social Media for success and awareness + get your first 200 followers

Ratings + Reviews - why they are the best way to get new customers


So, what makes us so special?

Qualified experts in online marketing with a passion for making marketing easy for those who are making a living doing what they love!